Which Items Should You Pack First When Moving?

As with any arduous task, moving is a process that should be done over the course of several months, versus last minute. Moving deserves patience and planning in order to stay organized maintain your sanity. In this blog, we will discuss ways to organize your move based on items you should pack first, then working your way back to your last-minute items. 

Getting Prepared for Moving Day

Prior to packing any of your items, you will want to plan your tasks over the next several weeks. This will keep you on task, organized, and will limit your stress level. While you’re in the prepping phase make sure to stock up on your moving supplies (moving boxes, bubble wrap, newspapers, tape, labels, etc…).

Next, figure out what needs to be packed. Take an inventory of all of your items by sorting everything into two piles (keepers and donate/toss). Once you have completed this step you now have a good foundation to know how much packing you have to complete prior to moving day. This will also give you an idea of what to begin packing right away.

Don’t Procrastinate – Start Early

As discussed above we highly recommend planning out your calendar so you have a guide and timelines to follow to stay on task and schedule. We recommend to start packing your non-essential items at the very beginning of the moving process. We have listed a more detailed list of things to pack and when to pack them.

1 Month Prior To Moving Day

  • Items that are out of season: Pack all of your holiday items that are no longer in season, as well as seasonal clothing.
  • Extra items: Towels, linens, office supplies, and anything else that you either have extra of, or you will not be using anytime soon.
  • Collectibles: Picture albums, scrapbooks, art, figurines, any collections that you have around the house.

3 Weeks Prior To Moving Day

  • Hanging Artwork and Decor: Any framed pictures, fragile souvenirs or heirlooms. Take your time with these items and pack them well so they do not get damaged.
  • Hobby or Entertainment Items: DVD’s, Books, Video Games, CDs, vinyl records, etc..
  • Fine China or Special Kitchenware: Items that do not get routine use, such as fine china, crystal, baking pans, specialty silverware, serving platters, etc…

2 Weeks Prior To Moving

  • Excess Games for Children: Let your children choose a handful of items they can keep until moving day, but pack up the rest of the items that they may not play with as often.
  • Jewelry: Keep the ones you wear often, but pack the rest up in a secure box. We highly recommend you move this box yourself on moving day.
  • Linen Closet: Keep a set of sheets and towels for use, however, pack the remaining items at this time.

1 Week Prior To Moving

  • Electronics: Pack all of your electronic devices. Make sure you take a picture of the connections to make sure you know how to reconnect them once you have moved.
  • Kitchen Equipment: Pack your kitchen including plates, cups, silverware, equipment, etc…You may want to purchase paper plates and disposable silverware for that week.
  • Clothing: Pack all of your clothes minus the outfits you may need for the week prior to your move date.
  • Medicines and Toiletries: Pack everything in your bathrooms minus the items you need. You will not want to pack any prescriptions or first aid kit.

1-2 Days Prior To Moving

  • Furniture and Appliances: Prepare these items for your movers. Make sure all furniture is empty, and remove any items that may be bracketed to a wall.
  • Miscellaneous Items: Pack all curtains, rugs, blinds, etc…
  • Tools: Pack a small toolbox of essential tools you may need when you have completed your move. Pack all of the remaining items for transport.

Moving Day

  • Your Bed: Strip your bed of its sheets, and if you need to disassemble your bed for the movers. Make sure to keep any hardware so you can re-assemble when you are moved.
  • Personal Bag: Pack an overnight bag of clothing, toiletries, medicines, etc…so you don’t have to search for things when you are moved. You will be extremely tired and this will just make your life easier the day of your move.
  • Snack Bag for Children and Pets: If you have young children you understand it is important to have a bag of snacks to keep them happy. The last thing you want is whiney children during your move.
  • Cleaning Supplies: You will want a box of cleaning supplies to clean up the home you are moving from, as well as the new home you are moving into. You will want these readily accessible.

Choosing The Right Moving Company

Royal Moving and Storage specialize in residential and commercial moving services. If you are in the process of planning a move you will want to speak with us prior to committing to any moving company. We will provide you with moving tips and help you better organize your upcoming move. We are also one of the most reputable and professional moving companies in Northeast Florida. We have been rated as one of the top movers in Jacksonville by Expertise and Angie’s List. If you would like a free moving quote or need to speak with one of our moving experts call us today at (904) 724-6683.

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