What to Pack In an Overnight Bag before You Move

You are moving to a new home. If the new place is distant then chances are that you might have to stay the night at a friend’s place or at a hotel. Even if you will not be making unnecessary stops, chances are that you will be extremely exhausted to unpack and rummage through your bags looking for an important item. So you need to have an overnight bag prepared before you make the journey and keep it securely in the car. Apart from a set of clothes, here are a few things that you must pack in an overnight bag to make your move trouble free:

Important Personal Documents

You should not pack away your personal documentation on a truck. In fact, you should keep your ID card, birth certificate, marriage certificate, licenses, academic transcripts, tax statements, passport, bank statements, real estate documents, medical records and bills with you to avoid the risk of misplacing or damaging them.

Cash, Credit and Debit Cards

Keeping money in a box that you intend to pack away on a moving truck is a bad idea. You should keep your debit and credit cards along with any ready cash in your wallets. This avoids any safety concerns during the transportation of luggage and also allows you to easily procure the supplies while you are on your way to your destination.

Toiletries and Cleaning Supplies

Keep your daily toiletries with you. This may include toothbrushes and toothpastes, perfumes, make-up, shaving-kit, deodorant, sanitizer and soap. Also pack a few cleaning supplies like napkins. You may want to keep some disposable plates and cutlery with you if you are planning to eat at home as you wouldn’t like to rip away the tape from the cardboard boxes searching for cutlery at your new home the day you arrive.


Keep your supplements and other medications with you in the overnight bag so that you can have them whenever necessary, especially any prescription medications.

Water Bottles and Edible Items

When you are making a long distance move, it is essential that you remain hydrated so keep water bottles with you. Also keep chips and snacks with you especially if you have children.

Jewelry and Other Valuables

Jewelry and valuables like expensive watches and family heirlooms must be kept with you. You must transport them personally. Pack them in your overnight bag even before you initiate packing other items.

Electronic Gadgets

Seriously, we cannot imagine a day without our electronics like cameras, tablets, laptops and mobile phones. It is also important that you keep their chargers with you.

Kid Supplies

When you are making the big move, it is also essential that you keep your kids in mind. Apart from packing their clothes and diapers, don’t forget to keep their favorite teddy bear, books, handheld games, favorite snacks, etc… These little things will keep them occupied and entertained. When your kids are surrounded by familiar things, they tend to handle a move much better.

As with any move it will be chaotic, however use common sense. Make a list of the most important items you need on a daily basis, or items that need special care prior to the move. Keep and label the items you are taking separate from what your Jacksonville Moving Company will be moving for you.

Pack for several days this way it will give you a little time to get organized within your new home, without rushing to find items or tearing open boxes because you need something right away.

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