Top Things People Forget to Do When Moving

Like all homeowners who are moving, you want a smooth move that is stress-free. The best way to achieve this result is by planning ahead. This includes booking your move several weeks prior to your move date, also hiring a reputable Beaches moving company. Once you get that out of the way, you will want to plan for everything that is involved with moving. This includes utility changes, mail, cable, school registration if you have children, etc…

There is a lot to do and remember when moving. Below we have listed some of the more common things people forget to do when they are moving.

Arrange care for children and/or pets

Moving can consume virtually everything you think about and do, which is why little tasks often get forgotten. One of the most common things people forget about is to arrange care for their children and pets. The last thing you want is a small child or a pet getting in the way of your movers. This can be a recipe for disaster and can increase the likely hood of someone getting injured. It is always recommended that you schedule to care for children or animals on the day of your move.

Arrange Parking for Movers

If you live in a condo or apartment complex it is always imperative that you reach out to the association and arrange for parking for your movers. The last thing your movers want to do is carry your items much further than they need to. Securing parking for your movers is important to help your move go without a hitch.

Organize and Label Your Boxes

There is nothing more frustrating than unpacking your boxes and not knowing which box goes to which room. To avoid these frustrations, label your boxes either with color-coded stickers or by writing the designated room on each box. Also, this will assist your movers in knowing which box goes to which room.

Let Family, Friends, and Vendors Know Your Moving

A very common oversight by most homeowners who are moving is changing your new address for your online accounts. Below are the 3 best modes to relay your new address to your family, friends, and vendors.

  • Email: Send a mass email to your family and friends letting them know you have moved and your new address.
  • Telephone: Call all of your important contacts letting them know of your move and new address.
  • Online Updates: For all of your online accounts you will need to edit your admin profile to mirror your new address.

Packing Materials

Many homeowners begin their packing and often run out of moving supplies. It is good to stock up on boxes, tape, old towels, bubble wrap, and anything else you will need for packing your belongings. Your mover can also provide packing material and give you a good estimate as to how much you will need based on your home size.

Why Choose Royal Moving and Storage?

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