Tips to Childproof Your Move

Moving is strenuous. But try moving with little kids- stress takes on a whole new meaning when you do that. The safety and care of kids when you are making your big move is of utmost importance. Here is how you can childproof your move for your own peace of mind:

Keeping Kids Occupied

If you have kids around when you are making arrangements, then a great way to childproof your move would be to ensure that they remain busy. Bored children are often the ones getting restless and boisterous. This could make you lose your mind trying to keep them out of harm’s way. The idea is to keep them occupied with some activity. So make sure you have a bag with coloring books and crayons to help keep them occupied. If your child loves to play on your IPad, IPhone or handheld game console then set them up so they can entertain themselves while you get things done.

Scheduling Intelligently

Packing with kids roaming about the house is an arduous task. So how can you really make you packing attempts worthwhile and less time consuming? It is simple really; you schedule the activities when your kids are not at home, that is, when they are either at schools or their swimming or music class etc. If for some reason this is not possible, consider asking a friend or close relatives to babysit your children for a couple of hours.

Making Use of Baby Gates

Baby gates help in securing the premises. Install them at the entrances of kitchen and other rooms. Secure the stairways with them too. The gates will prevent the toddlers and little kids from escaping when the doors are open.

Cautiously Placing Heavy Items

Heavy items such as television sets and personal computers must be wrapped up neatly and placed closer to the walls to avoid causing accident. Heavier objects must be kept at the bottom whenever you are stacking them one on top of another for additional security.

Keeping the Hazardous Items Locked

Firstly, get done with all of the dangerous items like tools, objects with sharp protrusions, toxic cleaning supplies and medications. Wrap them up and pack them away, securing the bags or cardboard boxes firmly with tape. Keep all such things locked away in a relatively secluded region of the house, like the garage or the highest portions of cabinets so that these hazardous objects are away from the reach of your children.

Childproofing the New House

If the new home is closer to the old one, it would be a good idea to visit a few days before you make the move and childproof the premises as best as you can in the time available. This includes covering all visible and reachable electrical power outlets and making use of baby gates to detain kids from entering out of bound zones. By acting upon this advice, you will undergo a hassle free moving process on the day of the move.

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