Moving During A Jacksonville Thunderstorm

Living in Florida we all know how unpredictable the weather can be. A thunderstorm can occur out of the blue, especially during an important move. Whether you are moving to a new home, relocating, or moving your business you have to plan for the unexpected. Below are some tips that will help you navigate the weather in the event you are moving during a typical Jacksonville rain storm.

  1. Keep Garbage Bags On Hand
    While moving items to and from the truck you will want to have an additional layer of protection. Whether you are transporting books, clothes, pictures or any other household items, garbage bags are a cheap, effective way of keeping your items dry during a heavy rainstorm.
  2. Dry Towels to Wipe Off Furniture
    As you are transporting furniture to and from the truck you will want to wipe off any excess water that accumulates on your items to preserve them. It will also provide you with a means to dry off while moving in the rain.
  3. Create an Assembly Line To Move Quicker
    You will need family or friends to help you with this process. To speed up your move, create an assembly line to your moving truck. Assign everyone a task. Have individuals assigned to inside the home, assign others outside between the home and the truck and then assign others to place the items on the truck. This will save you a lot of time and effort versus having to go from the home to the truck for every item you move. This will also prevent any additional clean up that will be needed due to you tracking wet shoes in the home.
  4. Protect Your Floors and Prevent Slips with Rubber Mats
    Prior to moving any items make sure you have the outside and interior of your home ready for wet shoes and items that will be tracked throughout the home. Place rubber mats at the entrance of the home. Put old towels, cardboard, rugs, etc…throughout the home where you will be walking. This will protect your floors as we as the individuals who are moving the items. Last thing you want is someone slipping and hurting themselves due to a slippery floor that could have been prevented.
  5. Be strategic on how you move items onto the truck
    If you are moving during a heavy rain storm move items of less value that are in plastic bins. Hopefully by the time you finish moving all of those items the rain will have subsided. If you are transporting electronic devices, make sure they are well covered in plastic, blankets, or mats. Or wait to move them when he rain finally stops.

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