Moving With Children

As we all know moving is stressful and planning a move with children can take even more work and less sleep. With everything you have to plan for and remember, it can be easy to overlook how the move can affect your children. Below we have included some of the more common things to consider to help make your move as stress free as possible for your young children and you.

Emotional Considerations for Your Child

As adults we don’t take well to change, children can be affected by fear or anxiety of an upcoming move. Though they may not project their feelings it is important to be cognizant of changing in behavior and speak to your children about what’s bothering them.

Common emotions and anxiety that your child may be experiencing prior to a move.

  • A new school: Fear of finding new friends, being liked or accepted in a new school.
  • Academic worries: If your child is older they may be stressed over new teachers, curriculum or tests associated with a new school.
  • Loss of Friends: They may be dealing with a sense of loss by leaving their old friends, old home or neighborhood, and all things familiar that he/she may have enjoyed.
  • Uncertainty: If the move was due to a divorce, new job, financial problems, family issues, etc…Life altering events can bring fear and anxiety.

Children typically will mask their fears, anxiety or concerns and internalize their emotions. As parents you will want to encourage them to communicate with you. Below are a few things that you can do to address these issues.

Ways to limit the stress that your child may be experiencing.

  • Create open lines of communication with your child. Do this in a nurturing and calm manner so they can open up about what is affecting them. An option maybe to plan a family dinner or outing where you can discuss the upcoming move together as a family. Have everyone share their concerns, what they may be excited about, etc.…this way you can try and bring out their concerns in a non-confrontational manner.
  • Try and make the upcoming move fun. Let them make some decisions with the move. For example, go online and search for some parks that are near your new home. Look for bowling allies, movie theatres, or anything fun that you can plan once you are moved in. You can also show picture of the new home and let them pick the paint for their new bedroom. Little things like this can help limit the anxiety and help you child feel more a part of the moving process.
  • Plan family boning moments. It is understandable that you will be tired, but something as simple as a game night, or a night out as a family can help your child associate something fun or exciting with the move.


If your child is going to be attending a new school be sure that you have completed all the necessary paperwork and acquired a list of all of the necessary tasks that may need to be completed prior to the start of the first day of school. You want your child to have a seamless transition, not to be stressed because they may not have been prepared due to tasks that were to be completed during the summer break.  Talk to your child’s teacher to find out what is expected for the upcoming year, is there any catch up work that needs to be completed, or a syllabus they may be able to send you so you can prepare.

Help you child meet new friends. Potentially enroll them in after school programs, sports leagues or any activities your child may enjoy. Also try and meet the parents of your child’s new class mates. Set up after school play dates, etc…

It is important to plan ahead as it will make the transition easier on you and most importantly your child.

Royal Moving and Storage

At Royal Moving and Storage we understand moving when you have children can be stressful. That is why we try and make every move as easy and seamless as possible. We work with every client to make sure their needs are addressed and we coordinate the move around your schedule. If you are in need of a free estimate or would like to speak with one of our moving specialists contact us today (904) 724-6683.


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