The Importance of Having a Floorplan Mapped Out

Creating a good floor plan for the house you want to move into, is like designing your dreams. This is your chance to turn your imagination into a reality. Drawing out a floor plan for your new house will help you picture it better on paper and will also help you avoid any mistakes or troubles that may arise at the time of moving in.

Steps for a good floor plan

  1. Edit – Start by editing your furniture. You don’t have to take every piece of furniture with you to the new house. Creating a floor plan will show you what furniture can go where and how much space you have as compared to your current home. This is the time for you to get rid of old furniture that may not be useful in the new house. Give or sell your old furniture to friends or family or donate them.
  2. Measurements – Take measurements of all your furniture pieces, mostly the large and heavy items like sofas, beds and dining tables. This way, you will get an idea of how much space each furniture item will take up in your new house and where each piece of furniture can be placed.
  3. Go to the new house – Take pictures and measurements of each room. Then measure your existing furniture to see how they will fit in your new house. Add ideas to your floor plan by deciding where to put each piece of furniture and in which room. Mark it on your floor plan so that you don’t forget at the time of moving in. Think about how you will use each room, you can even use each room for multiple purposes. For instance, a guest room can also be used as a home office.
  4. Design and play – Start making templates of your large pieces of furniture and go to your new house. Use these templates and play around with them in each room, until you figure out how you want to place your furniture and what kind of layout feels right. Here are some adjusting rules to use:
  • Which focal point do you want your furniture to face?
  • Where do you want to place your largest pieces of furniture?
  • Place your dressers in the bedroom closets to create more bedroom space
  • Leave an opening welcome path for each room
  • Keep your seating heights the same in each room
  • Leave about 18 inches of walking space around your beds
  • Use different types of rugs for different rooms
  1. Sketch it out – Once you have decided where all your furniture should go and how it will be facing, sketch them out on your floor plan and stick them up on the walls of your new house in each room with the specific layout, so that when the Jacksonville movers shift your furniture, they will know exactly what goes where.