Glad I Decided On Royal

All went well. Had 2-man crew who were friendly and courteous. Worked steadily and kept a good attitude throughout. Arrived at house shortly after we did, showing that they did not stop to shop or eat on our time, as I had read that other movers have done.

They were careful, and even moved a cheap, rickety chest-of-drawers with care, warning us that they couldn't be responsible for how it might arrive. It wasn't any more rickety when it arrived at the new place. They were pleasant to the end and I had a great experience with them. We offered them water but they said they had some. I did give them each a large tip, because they deserved it.

Gave 4 stars only because much of the time they were a little noisy going down the stairs from the upstairs apartment. Probably because they used an upright dolly a lot, pulling it backwards down each step. The stairs were concrete and after several times of the loud, sharp noises down 10-13 stairs, neighbors downstairs started cursing and left. I thought that part was a little loud, but don't have the answer on how it could have been made quieter, except to carry those things.

Otherwise, I would definitely recommend them and I plan to use them again.

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