Three Moves and Nothing Broken

Twice before I had Royal Moving relocate my possessions. This time, my new bride and I were relocating from two residences to one. It involved a move from a 3rd floor apartment and 2nd floor condo to a single family home. It was back breaking work. The 3 man team came prepared and were ready. Royal Moving preps/pads your furniture, etc. before putting your precious belongings into their trucks. Three moves and nothing broken!

Royal Moving employs great teams. And, let me provide you some advise on how to treat the 'human beings' moving your households. I always have water, soda, snacks, etc. available for the guys. This move we had burgers from Five Guys for a late lunch. It was greatly appreciated. These guys worked at a steady pace for 10 hours up and down stairs and in/out of the rain. I know how I felt at the end of the day, so the least I could do was try and keep the team nourished and fed. And, do not forget to (really) tip these hard working people. Will I use Royal Moving again? You can bet I will ......

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