Benefits To Putting Your Items In Storage

When most of us think of a storage unit we imagine a place to store additional stuff that we can no longer fit in our homes or apartments. While this is typically correct, storage units are an integral part in the moving process. Many reputable St Augustine moving companies offer both storage and moving services to their clients’. If you are contemplating on renting a storage unit, below we have listed the most common reasons you may need a storage unit.


If you are downsizing your life due to children moving out, retiring, or are just looking to simplify your life a storage unit is more than likely in your future. It gives you the flexibility to move to your new, smaller home with only the items you want, while also storing the items you may want to keep or sell at your own pace.

Temporary Housing

If you have recently landed a new job, are being relocated, are in the military or have a life-altering event you may find yourself in temporary housing. While looking for a permanent place to live, keeping your items in storage until you find your new home is the best route to take. This provides you with the flexibility to only have essential items in your temporary home, while all non-essential items remain in storage until you find a permanent residence.

Furnishings That Don’t Fit

Not every move is final. If you are a first-time mover, your new residence may not fit all of your belongings. In this situation, storage gives you the flexibility to keep your items without compromising your current lifestyle. A perfect example is a student that moves into a furnished dorm room. They can put their couch, bedroom set, kitchen table, etc…in storage for a year or two until they move into an off-campus apartment.

Shipping Possessions Ahead of Your Move

If you are relocating, often times individuals will ship their items ahead of their move date and store them in a secure storage facility. This gives these individuals the flexibility and time to find a new home or apartment.

Staging A Home

If you own a home that you are about to put on the market, staging can be an extremely effective method of showcasing your home. To showcase a home properly you will need to de-clutter each room, so that as prospective buyers tour the home, they can get a feeling of the size, and an idea of what the interior will look like with their furniture.

If you are in the process of staging your home, all furniture/items you are not including in the staging should be removed and placed in storage until after the home sells. This step will not only assist in the selling of your home, but it will also assist you in de-cluttering your home and getting rid of items that you no longer want or need.

Jacksonville Storage Facility – Royal Moving and Storage

If any of these situations apply to you, and you would like to discuss storage options. Contact Royal Moving and Storage today (904) 724-6683. Our on-site storage facility provides a secure, cost effective solution to your storage needs. We have 24-hour surveillance and all of our storage lockers are climate-controlled. Contact us today to speak with one of our onsite moving/storage representatives.

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