Protect Your Furniture with Moving Pads

All of us have experienced moving furniture and have probably nicked or scratched them during the moving process. So, what is the best way to protect your furniture during a move? Every quality Orange Park mover will tell you outside of experienced professional movers, furniture padding (thick moving blankets) are the second-best way to protect your furniture from scratches, dents, dings, and dirt.

Furniture Moving Pads – A Movers Best Friend

Moving pads, also called moving blankets are thick covers that are used to wrap large items during a move. Moving blankets are used as a protective barrier to shield the furniture from dents, scratches, as well as dirt. During transit they are secured onto the furniture to protect them in the event items shift in the truck. At Royal Moving and Storage it is common practice for us to use moving blankets to protect our clients’ belongings.

Where Can I Purchase Moving Pads?

If you are hiring a professional moving company in Orange Park you will not need to worry about purchasing moving pads. All experienced and reputable movers utilize moving pads. If you plan on tackling a move on your own, you can either rent or buy moving pads from a common hardware store. If you are renting a moving truck it is possible the truck leasing company can provide you with furniture pads for your move.

Top Reasons why you should use furniture padding when moving

  • Floor Protection

Large furniture is difficult to move. Which is why more accidents occur with larger, heavier furniture. Furniture padding provides a barrier between your floor and the furniture piece, thus protecting both the item you are moving as well as your floors.

  • Keeps Furniture Clean

If you are moving to a new home your furniture will collect dirt, grime, and dust both during the move, while in the truck and being exposed to the elements. If you are moving in the rain or snow your items can get damaged if exposed to the elements. A moving pad will protect from mother nature.

  • It protects the walls in your home

In addition to protecting the floors, covering furniture items in moving blankets and pads protects your walls. The reason? Whether you’re carrying furniture down the stairs or out the door, it’s all too easy to sideswipe your walls while doing so. Unfortunately, this will only result in banged up walls and chipped paint. Moving pads are soft and padded, so even if you do hit the walls while moving your furniture, it won’t cause damage.

  • Prevents Shifting While in Transit

A movers most important job is to move your items safely and without incident. Moving pads prevent your items from shifting on the truck during transit. In the event they do shift, furniture pads act as a barrier to protect your items if they bump around in the moving truck.

Other Methods To Protecting Your Furniture

There are other ways to protect your belongings during a move. Below are a few of the more common ways to protect your investment:

  • You can purchase moving insurance if you are hiring professional movers.
  • Wrap your furniture.
  • Use felt pads underneath the legs of your furniture to the help slide your furniture.
  • Don’t try and tackle moving heavy furniture on your own. Hire professional movers.
  • Have the right equipment, rent or purchase a dollie.
  • Have straps or tie downs to secure your furniture.
  • Protect your floors by putting down towels or cardboard when sliding furniture
  • Keep all doorways open and clear from any obstruction.
  • If you can disassemble your furniture to make it lighter and easier to carry.

Why Hire Royal Moving and Storage?

Moving is stressful and hard work. Let the professionals at Royal Moving and Storage handle your next move. With over 30+ years servicing residential and commercial customers in Orange Park, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, St. Augustine, Fernandina Beach, and all Northeast FL we are the experts when it comes to moving. Let us help take the stress and planning off of your plate. Call us today and speak with one of your moving consultants for a free no obligation consultation (904) 724-6683.

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