Planning Your Next Move

Does the idea of moving to a new place stir bad memories of previous experiences? Have you suffered countless times while moving, and have lost, misplaced, and cluttered your things in the process? Then it is time that you learn the trick to planning an ideal move.

While keeping the right steps in mind, you can transform a once torturous job into a manageable and organized task.

A task which is possible with just 3 simple steps:

  • Organize your move
  • Plan items so that they’re not lost
  • De-clutter the items while packing

Make sure that you pay due attention to these three steps, and moving to a new place will not prove to be as unnerving as it once was. Here is what you need to do.

How to Organize Your Move

Be methodical and plan everything out. There are a several things you can do a couple of months prior to moving, while others need to be sorted out a few weeks and even a couple of days before your final move.

A couple of months before you move start going room by room and sort out the items you are not planning on keeping. Take one room at a time to remain organized. Once you removed the clutter you can then start packing and labeling each box. As a tip try to keep the weight of each box around 25-30lbs. Also pack the box to the top as boxes partially full can crush when stacked and damage the contents. As your packing either label each box based on the room it will be moved too, or color code the box based on the color you have designated for a particular room. Look for good Jacksonville movers to help you with the process. Find out if any offer packing services as well.

A couple of weeks before moving, order professional moving boxes, tape and bubble wrap supplies, specifically for kitchen items and anything breakable. Take some measurements and make sure that the big pieces of furniture can fit in your new home. Later, confirm your arrangement with the chosen mover, and label each box for its contents. Separate all valuables, defrost the freezer; check all details as well.

Ways to Plan For Items So That they’re not lost

Want to avoid losing anything this time? First of all, make a list of all the items you plan to take with you. Then comes the packing! To make sure that you don’t miss, forget or lose anything, make sure that you pack all items from one room before moving to the other. Don’t float from one room to the other. Focus on things you want to take from one room, and then, when done, move to the next room of the house.

Attach labels to each box with the name of the house’s room, as well as the items packed in it. This will ensure that you don’t lose anything while opening the boxes and placing the items in your new house.

How to De-Clutter While Packing

The best way to de-clutter is to be organized well in advance. Throw or give away things that you don’t use, and won’t be taking with you to your new home. Stuff like old clothes, toys, kitchen items and other things which will be of no use to you, need to be removed from the premises before you start packing for your new home.

The best way to de-clutter is to give unneeded items to charity or organize a garage sale. Any clothes or toys you might have outgrown; may be ideal for someone else.

Just follow these steps and make moving a manageable task. All it takes is an organized effort and some hard work on your end and you will be done moving even before you know it!

Items to Keep with You While Moving
You know that moving can be chaotic, and once you are in the middle of a move things get misplaced. You want to make sure you pack a few separate items that you will put in your car so once the movers finish their job you are not searching through boxes for clean clothes or toiletry items.

Focus on necessities while packing your items separately. Pack 3-4 day’s worth of clean clothes; keep your toiletry items separate so you can stay clean, any valuables (jewelry, cash, and important documents) keep with you. Once the residential movers you have hired have completed their job then begins the fun of unpacking.
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