Planning For Your Upcoming Move

Top 6 Things To Do for Your Upcoming Move

Preparation is not something that takes a few days. It is a several weeks to several month process to make sure you have everything in order prior to your move date. These tasks can include packing your belongings, purging old items, making reservations, housing arrangements, utility coordination, etc…

These tasks you will want to complete prior to your move date, this way you don’t kill yourself trying to complete these tasks last minute. Below we have included 6 of the more important things to complete prior to your movers coming.

Review Your Contract

Every moving company has different policies and service agreements. It is important prior to your movers showing up that you review the contract in depth so you understand your responsibilities, and your movers responsibilities, so there are no surprises on the day of your move. For example, how long will it take the moving company to complete the move? Do you need to be present through the entire move? What items are you responsible to move that your movers will not move? You can call your movers to answer these questions or most reputable movers will schedule a confirmation phone call prior to your move.

Clear A Space and Path for Your Moving Company Truck and Staff

Whether you live in an apartment of single family home, your movers will need space to park and work. If you live in a complex, talk with the management office and reserve a space for your movers. One that is large enough to park the truck. Also reserve a service elevator if possible.

Make sure the pathway from the truck to your door is clear so your movers have the ability to move your items to and from without obstructions blocking their path. Your movers can help instruct you on the space they need. Don’t forget to move small personal items that can be tripping hazards such as carpets, small furnishings, décor, etc…

Arrange Transportation or Disposal of Non-Allowables

In most moving contracts your mover will explain which items they will not move. These items are typically called non-allowables. These will include animals, combustible items, firearms, perishable items and plants. Prior to your movers arriving the day of your move, you will want to either move these items yourself or separate them from the items your movers will be transporting.

Your To Go Boxes

Like most of us, there are certain personal items we do not want strangers moving for us. These include jewelry, money, important documents, an overnight bag, etc…These items you will want to transport in your own vehicle. After packing your to go boxes you will want to make sure you separate them from the items your movers are responsible to move. Also make sure you label the boxes so that even if you forget to separate them for your other items, your moving company will be able to clearly identify the boxes as your responsibility.

Plan Your Personal Decorum

Like most moves, it may take several hours to complete the pack up and delivery of a home or apartment. Decide how you want to welcome these moving professionals in your home. Figure out which bathroom they can have access to and include toilet paper, soap and a hand towel. Did you want to provide them with snacks and drinks? Designate an area where they can access these items.

Additionally, if you plan on tipping your moving team, calculate how much you plan on tipping them once your move is complete. Often times homeowners will tip the driver and allow him to distribute the gratuity to the other team members. Though tipping is optional, it is very much appreciated and it widely accepted in the in the industry.

Cleaning After Your Move

Once the move is complete you will want to set aside some time to clean your old home one last time. Make sure you keep you cleaning supplies out of the way so you can access them right after the move. You can take this opportunity to say one last goodbye, and double check the home to make sure you did not forget any stray items.

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