Packing Tips for Your Home or Office

Packing Tips that will save you time and frustration

Packing and moving is never fun or easy. It requires a lot of time, effort and assistance. Moving your home office into a new room or a new house can be a tricky situation, as there are so many important files, books, papers, electronics and hardware in a home office that you need to make sure is packed properly and safely, so that nothing gets lost, broken or damaged in the packing and moving process.

Packing tips for your home office

  1. Furniture – Your home office furniture will need to be taken apart into separate pieces at the time of packing and moving. You need to make sure that you tape and mark all the pieces that go together and keep them together in a box or in the original packaging for later assembly. If your furniture cannot be disassembled, you can wrap it up with protection pads at the time of packing and moving. Tape all your drawers and cabinet doors that cannot be taken apart so that they remain shut.
  2. Books – If your home office consists of many books of different sizes, get some cardboard boxes and firstly, pack all the books of the same size in one box. Books of other sizes can then be packed in another cardboard box. You can pack the books flat on the bottom, or you can place them so that the spine of the book touches the bottom. Make sure you don’t pack them with the spine facing up as the glue can loosen its grip. Books that have sentimental value or are expensive volumes must be wrapped in packing paper or bubble wrap and then put into separate boxes.
  3. Electronics – The electronics in your home office may consist of things such as your computer, copier, printer, scanner, telephones and other items that also need to be packed with safety. Make sure you detach all wires and cables from the items. Remove any liquid ink and toner cartridges from your printer and scanner. Make sure you label all the wires and cables for all the equipment so that you remember which one goes where when it’s time to assemble it all together. Also, keep a back up of all your computer files in case of any damage in the packing and moving process. Pack all electronics in big moving boxes or their original packaging. Make sure to wrap every item in bubble wrap and wrapping paper for support. Keep all the user manuals and instructions for future assembling of all items.
  4. Papers, Documents and Files – Make sure you assemble all your important home office files, papers and documents and keep them in a separate box all together and label the box so that you remember you’ve kept all your files in it. You can even keep the most important ones in a briefcase which you can keep with you at the time of packing and moving.

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