Moving can be exciting and it can also be a decision your significant other is against. As with any relationship compromise is the key when the two of you are at odds regarding a decision. Moving can often times cause rifts in a relationship especially when your significant other is not fond of your decision. That is why communication and compromise are so important when planning to move.

Why The Rush

Never rush a decision without the blessing of your significant other. Moving may appeal to you; however it can have the exact opposite emotion for your spouse. Prior to making any decision, sit down and list all of the pros and cons if you decided to move and hiring a moving company in Jacksonville. Is it a promotion you cannot turn down, or is it just a spontaneous decision because you want something new? Plan and discuss your options and come to a decision you both can agree on.

Make Your Case

When you are ready to have a discussion with your spouse, use logic and facts to plead your case. Be calm, collected and have an intelligent discussion on why you feel it is a good idea to move. Discuss the opportunities available, location, financial considerations, schools, etc…Try and be as thorough as possible so your significant other sees that you are not making this decision based on a whim, rather a well thought out decision. Never try and convince your significant other with outside influences. This is a decision between the two of you and no one else.

Don’t Just Think Of Yourself

Your decision has been made, however that doesn’t mean your spouse is on board. Think of how a move will affect them. Are they leaving a city they have known their whole life, will they be moving away from family and friends, are they leaving a job they are happy with? Try and understand their perspective and how your decisions affect others. In the event you get them to agree to move, this is just the beginning. Now you have to plan your move.

Planning Your Move

Now that everyone is on board with moving, the fun now begins. You have to start planning your move. Below are some things to consider when planning a move.

  1. Choose a move date
  2. Create a moving budget
  3. Hire a Jacksonville moving company a few months out if possible
  4. Start planning and organizing your contents.
  5. Stock up on boxes and packing material
  6. Plan the setup of utilities, phone, cable, etc…for your new location

Movers in Jacksonville

When hiring movers make sure you don’t make a decision based solely on price. Many movers may seem cheap; however they play a price game by adding on additional fees for everything they do. A reputable mover will provide you with a written quote, and will not deviate from that quote.

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