Moving Large Furniture To A New Home

Many of us have large furniture which can include, large couches, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, etc…They are wonderful to have when you are relaxing, however come moving day that is the last thing you want to try and move. Also depending on the width of your furniture you may be asking yourself how did you maneuver it through the door way in the first place. There is a method to moving large furniture. Below are some common-sense tips that will help you tackle your next large furniture move like a professional.

Measure the furniture’s dimensions (length, width & height)

Remember things can be squeezed through doors. When measuring furniture, measure the furniture’s framing, meaning the areas that cannot be compressed or squeezed through a narrow door.

Measure the door frames dimensions (width & height)

Unlike a couch or a mattress which can compress a little when moving it through a doorway, the door frame will not. It is important to measure the height and width of the doorway to get a better idea as to how your furniture’s dimensions stack up. If the furniture’s height is taller than the top of the doorway, then the furniture’s width must be narrower than the door’s. Depending on the dimensions you are dealing with, you will more than likely have to rotate the furniture piece to better align it with the door.

What if your furniture piece is both taller and wider than the door frame? Well you still have the option of tipping the couch on its end and rotating it through the doorway as if you were rotating it around a corner.

A few more tips for bulky furniture…

  • Sleeper Sofa- First remove the legs, be sure to secure the mattress so it does not open on you when you are moving it. If possible remove the internal mattress and its cushions. This will make it significantly lighter and easier to maneuver.
  • Large Couch vs Small Door- remove the door from the hinges. This may seem like an unnecessary step, however even a half an inch can make a huge difference when moving a bulky item through a door frame.
  • Protecting Furniture & Floors- Use cardboard to assist you when trying to move furniture through the door. Cardboard will help you slide furniture much easier on both carpet and tile floors.
  • Have Help- Always make sure you have help to move large furniture. A wrong move can be devastating and can cause significant injuries. Also, if you are moving a couch through a door you will need someone on the other side to assist you in sliding the couch through the door.
  • Weigh All Options- Prior to moving your furniture think of potential alternative routes that may have larger doors, a balcony, a window, etc…It may be easier to maneuver it over a balcony versus fitting it through 3 doors that you may have to navigate through in order to get it to its destination. Of course, do not do anything dangerous or risky. Just think outside of the box and see if there are alternative ways to accomplish the same goal.
  • Wrap Your Furniture- Always use furniture blankets or wrap to protect your furniture prior to trying to squeeze it through a narrow doorway. Your furniture will be getting put through the ringer so try and limit its damage the best you can.
  • Call A Professional- To avoid accidents to both yourself and your furniture contact a professional Jacksonville mover who has the expertise in moving large furniture through narrow doorways. This will save you a lot of stress, money and pain versus trying to tackle it yourself.

Moving Company In Northeast Florida

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