When you think of an enjoyable Christmas the last thing you think about is having to move. The holiday season brings family, friends, food and cheer. It doesn’t usually mean a home full of packing boxes and empty cabinets. Unfortunately for some the holiday season can mean having to move. If you are one of the few who find themselves in this situation below are some tips in planning a successful move during the holidays.

Holiday Moving Tips

Not very many people choose to move during a major Holiday, however if you are one of the few who are moving during Christmas, below are 5 tips that can make your move a little less stressful.

1. Celebrate the Holiday- Even though you are moving doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the holiday. Find easy to decorate items that can make your old house still feel like Christmas all while making it easy to pack prior to your moving day. Use easy hanging wreaths on your exterior doors. Find a small artificial tree that can be easily moved from one house to another. Choose things that are festive, easy to pack and unpack and that puts Christmas on display in your home. This way you are still enjoying the holiday with little to no work.
2. Dine Out- The last thing anyone wants to do is cook a large Christmas dinner during a big move. Make your life easy and eat out at a restaurant. You can even take it to go, or get delivery so you can still enjoy Christmas with your family at home. No need to put added stress on yourself by trying to cook a big dinner for your family. In the end Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones, by letting someone else do the work you are maximizing your family time.
3. Communicate Your Contact Information- If you are moving away from family during Christmas, make sure you communicate your new address, phone, etc…keep your family in the loop and let them know how you are doing. Especially if you are moving away from older family members make sure you let them know where and how to reach you throughout the moving process.
4. Celebrate Christmas On The Go- No one wants to do this, however if you are moving on Christmas Day, find a hotel that may be planning a Christmas celebration or dinner for their guests. Though it will never replace Christmas around your family it can help make the move a little more bearable.
5. Get To Know Your New Community- Spending Christmas in a new city without family can get you down. However it may be a time to get to know your new city. Go online and find out what Christmas events may be taking place around your new city. Meet new people, find a new place of worship. Use this time to get to know your new city and make new friends.

Don’t Plan A Holiday Move Without Royal Moving and Storage

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