Learn the Importance of Hiring a Moving Company With Liability Insurance

Many people complain about moving company liabilities after they have hired them for the work. They find out only after the damage has been done, that the company is not liable for it and that their insurance coverage is not enough to cover the entire costs of the damage. For homeowners, this means that all their personal belongings may be ruined, broken, destroyed or lost without the company being held responsible.

Insurance and liability is therefore, something that everyone needs to understand before hiring movers. No matter how professional they are, even the best movers can have accidents at times.

Insurance and License

Before hiring a moving company in Jacksonville, you need to make sure that the company is licensed and insured with the US Department of Transportation. You can ask the moving company to show you legal documents and get them verified. You can also find the moving company’s name through the household goods program and discover more information about the company’s reputation, fleet size, insurance and complaints, etc.

Full Value Protection Coverage

Most people work on a specific budget which means that paying extra for coverage seems like it’s not worth it. However, in certain situations, you may unfortunately need it and it could be a life saver. Full value protection coverage means that the company will pay the customer for the damaged, destroyed or lost items. They usually offer 3 simple options for reimbursing your damaged items which are:

  • They will fix your item and give it back to you
  • They will give you a similar replacement of your item
  • They will give you a cash settlement that is equal to the current market value

If your belongings consist of extraordinary items such as jewelry, antiques, art, silverware, china and anything that is of high value, the moving company might have to limit their liability. You will have to make arrangements beforehand for insurance of these valuable items and put together a list of all of them, in case if anything goes missing in the moving process.

Released Value Protection Coverage

This type of value coverage does not consist of enough insurance to cover damage of items or loss. This means that if the moving company has an accident and your items have been destroyed, damaged or lost, they will only pay for the basic coverage of your goods depending on their total weight and not for the whole price of each item. Before agreeing to this kind of coverage, make sure you think about how much more money you will have to spend if an accident occurs and all your items are damaged in the process.

Third Party Insurance

Before you hire insurance from a third party, make sure that you check your home owners insurance first. Sometimes, people find out that their belongings have already been insured within it. If that is not the case, third party insurance means that you have to pay for it separately to cover your items, as it will not be in your moving company costs.

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