Items Your Mover Will Not Move

When you hire a professional moving company, they will take care of the majority of your move. Whether it is packing, moving/transport, or un-packing they typically can do it all. However, there are a few things a licensed mover will not move for you, both due regulations or standard company policy. Below are 5 of the things your movers will not move on your behalf.

Items Your Movers Will Not Move:


Like many of us, our animals are an extension of our family. A mover will not transport your animal in their truck, so it is a good idea to ask a family member or friend to watch your pet during the moving process. If you are unable to find a pet sitter, find a local kennel or move your animal yourself in your vehicle.


Any item that can go up in flames will not be allowed on your moving companies truck. These items will include (propane tanks, gasoline containers, fireworks, etc…)


Moving firearms between two states can be tricky. Check with Royal Moving and Storage for the appropriate process if you are transporting your firearms.


This can seem harmless compared to the rest of the list we have provided; however, many states have limits on plant transportation. These restrictions are in place due to pest infestations.

Perishable Food

All food items that can spoil are not allowed on transport vehicles. Any and all items that cannot be transported in good condition should never be handed over to your Jacksonville mover. Bad food is considered a health hazard.

What Can Be Do with The Things Your Movers Will Not Move?

If your movers make you aware that they will not transport a specific item or items, your will need to find an alternate method to transport those items. Below are a few options:

Shipping or Alternate Transport

Depending on the item you may have the option to main it. Perishable food items can be shipped in a cold storage container, however combustible items or firearms are not allowed to be shipped. It is always best to reach out to your movers to see what options may be available to you.

Dispose of Your Items

You may have no other option than to dispose of your items based on logistics and cost. If you have a freezer full of food and you will have to travel to another state, it may be cheaper and easier for you to donate your food to a local food bank or non-profit. Always weigh your options and look for the most economical way to move your items.

If you have toxic, flammable or corrosive chemicals you are transporting it may be a better option to dispose of those items. Never dispose of these items in the trash. Reach out to your local municipalities website or call them to find out where you can dispose of these dangerous or toxic items.

Personal Transport

Probably the most economical and easiest way to transport items that your mover may deem a non-allowable item is to move it yourself. We highly recommend if you are transporting a legal firearm you find out what the rules are for transporting your firearm(s) both locally, as well as, to the new city you will be moving to. You want to make sure you are complaint to all Local, State and Federal Laws.

Prior to move date you will want to coordinate with your local mover to figure out what they deem allowable items versus those not deemed allowable.

Royal Moving and Storage

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