As many of us have experienced, moving can be hectic. That is why it is important to take pictures to protect your belongings, as well as for liability reasons. When planning a move you want to be methodical in your approach. Think about what important things you should document and why they are important to document.

What Items Should You Take Pictures Of, and Why?

  1. Take Photos of Your Valuables:
    Think about the items that are most valuable to you; jewelry, antiques, art, electronics and any other household items that would be expensive to replace. You want to document these items in the event they get damaged by the professional movers you hire. These photos will prove the items original condition prior to the damage. Always make sure you are hiring a moving company that is licensed and insured, this way you are protected in the event something is damaged during your move.
  2. Take Photos of Existing Damage:
    If you have any items that are currently damaged, take photos of those items when moving out. This way you document scratches, dents, chipped paint, etc…Once your move is over you can compare the photo to your furniture piece “post move”. If any additional damage is visible you now have photographic evidence proving your movers caused more damage.
  3. Take Photos of Your Rental Home At Move Out
    If you are moving out of a rental home, town home, or condo you will want to take pictures of every room. Prior to taking your photos you will want to thoroughly clean the home, make any repairs necessary to floors, walls, blinds, etc…This way you are leaving the property in good condition for your landlord. The day of your move out you will want to take photos of every room to document the condition you left the property in. This is important as your landlord may try and keep your security deposit claiming additional work had to be completed after you moved out. The photos will provide evidence in the event your landlord is not being truthful.
  4. Take photos of your new place
    If you are moving to a new apartment, home or town home it is important you document the homes current condition prior to moving in. This is extremely important and could save you a lot of money in the event your landlord tries to blame you for damage that was existing prior to your moving in. If your landlord is threatening to keep your security deposit due to damage to his/her rental property, photos prior to your moving in will be all the evidence you need to prove you were not the culprit. The last thing your want is an unfair accusation for something you were not responsible for. It is always better to be cautious especially when your security deposit is on the line.
  5. Take Photos of Your Electronic Devices and How They Are Wired Up
    Nowadays, most of have HD TV’s, with cable or satellite hookup. The last thing you want to do is unplug all of your connections to your TV from your cable or satellite box and then not know how to hook them back up. If you can’t figure it out your cable provider will charge you a fee to come back out and hook your cable back up. There is no need to spend additional money for a task that can be avoided. Prior to unplugging your TV, cable box, computer, stereo, or gaming console take several photos from all angles so you can easily re-connect all electronic devices with ease. Having a good visual reference will make your life so much easier when you will have to re-connect your electronic devices.

Having photo evidence will take the stress out of your next move. Just as a reminder make sure the photos are timestamped this way you cannot be accused of doing something nefarious. All smart phones but a time and date stamp on every photo you take. To be extra prepared, email the photos to yourself with a brief description of the photos, this way you have digital evidence as well.

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