Is It Better To Move Before Or After Having A Baby?

Is your family expanding and you are looking forward to the next big move? But you might ask yourself, is it better to move before or after having a baby? Some people believe that moving homes postpartum is better than before having a baby.

Well, both options have their pros and cons, so we decided to present you with an objective overview. Read on to see both sides of the picture and make the best decision for yourself and your family.

Pros of Moving Before Having A Baby

Availability for Open Houses

Since the baby has not yet been born, it means that you are not occupied with changing soiled diapers and you do not have to compromise on baby nap time. So shifting to a new home is relatively easier when you can make yourself available for open houses and your mind does not keep on fluttering back to your baby’s nursing or nap time and you have a lot of time to make a judicious decision.
Ample time for Bonding

Since moving takes up a lot of you energy, you will not really be able to give the necessary time to your newborn child if you shift after the delivery. Moving before the delivery will give you ample time to bond with your child and your family in a better way as there is no hassle of packing cartons and wrapping items.

Making Use of the Nesting Instincts

Generally, the third trimester is when a mother starts nesting. Shifting when the nesting impulse is strongest might be a great idea for you will be on your toes to do everything in your power to make the environment comfortable, safe and secure for your new child. Once you have settled in your new home before having the baby, you can invest time to make your home comfortable and secure by leveraging your motherly instincts.

Post Natal Recovery Time Period

It takes time to get back on your feet after having a child. Worse still, if you had a C-section, you may forget the entire idea of getting organized in your new home until you have fully recovered.

Saving Money

You do not have to procure all of the baby’s furniture and then take it to the new house, or transport the gifts received at baby shower; so you obviously save a lot of money on transportation.

Pros of Moving After Having A Baby

Packing is Simple

After having your newborn, you more than likely have lost a good amount of weight and can see your toes again. Stuff that appeared challenging previously now becomes just as easy as a flick of a finger. With the baby slings, you can take your baby along on the packing chores, especially between naps.

Understand Your Needs

Now that you have spent some more time with your baby, you might have gotten some clarity as to what sort of a home you want your child to grow up in. Maybe you want a house with a bigger nursery or backyard.

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