How to Save Money During Your Move

So, have you finally found the house you were looking for? Planning to move in with the family as soon as possible? Why not save some money while you start packing and preparing for the big move in the near future?

Moving to a new place does incur some costs. But what if you could save some cash and use the money to take care of other important moving expenses. Want to know how? There are quite a few ways that you can do this.

Organize a Garage Sale

You will need to sort out your things before you start packing. One set of things will go into the boxes, packed to be moved to the new house, while the other set will be clothes, toys and other items which you have outgrown or don’t use anymore. What will you do with these? Throw them away? Why not make some money out of them!

Arrange a yard or garage sale, and let others have their pick of the things you don’t need any more. You will be rid of all that pile of things which you didn’t know what to do with, and also make some money in the process. Use the money you earned from the garage sale to pay for your move, buy new boxes, tape or other moving supplies.

DIY Packing Operation

If you want to save; then opt for a do it yourself approach to packing. Pack all the items from all rooms of the house into different boxes and label them. Use bubble wrap to pack the more valuable and delicate items, and seal each box properly with tape.

Stock and Use Free Boxes

You need medium and large sized boxes to pack things and move them, right? Well, why buy boxes when you can have them for free! How? Well, all you have to do is just be a bit organized and have the long term goal in mind.

If there are any large boxes of a purchase lying around the house, use them for packing. All your appliances, like refrigerator, microwave and other items are all packed in tough boxes. Use these boxes to pack your stuff instead of throwing them away. You can also go to your local grocery store and ask them for empty boxes, as they will just be recycling them anyways.

Plan Your Move during the Off Season

To benefit from lower rates charged by your mover, make sure that you plan to move into your new place in the off season. Plan to move anytime between September and April, and avoid when your mover is at their busiest. Save by acting smartly and planning well in advance.

Get Quotes from Different Movers

If you want to save during your next move, then ask for estimated quotes from a couple of moving companies. Analyze their service offerings and estimated quotes, and make the right choice. Make sure you ask questions related to the quote so you are not charged with any hidden fees or work that the mover states was not included within the quote. Also don’t choose a Jacksonville moving company based solely on the cheapest rate. Do your due diligence and look at their reputation.

Ask Employer to Compensate Moving Costs

If you are moving because of a job requirement, then it is only fair that you ask your employer to compensate you for all the costs or to pay you a lump sum to take care of different moving expenses. You can also make sure that you deduct some of the expenses on your income tax return, in the name of relocation expenses.

Follow these smart ways to save some money while you engage in the tiring process of packing and moving to a new home.


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