Ways You Can Help Your Movers

The main goal of every mover is to move each customer quickly, efficiently, and without incident. To assist in this process there are some things you can do to help your movers prior to your move day. Preparation is always key to a successful move. In the end, your preparation will pay off by making your move more organized, less stressful, and potentially less costly.

Separate Items Your Movers Won’t Be Loading

When your movers arrive at your home, they will assess everything that needs to be moved so they can better plan on the most efficient way to pack their truck.

Prior to them taking inventory of your items, let them know which boxes, furniture, etc…you will be moving on your own so they don’t include those items into their assessment. It may be advantageous to either clearly mark each box, move those items to another part of your home, or pack them prior to your mover’s arrival.

Defrost Your Freezer

This is probably the most common thing homeowners forget to do prior to their move. You will want to let your refrigerator/freezer defrost 24 hours prior to your move. As with anything that freezes and thaws, you will have water that melts onto your floors. If possible, a day or two prior to your move you will want to unplug your refrigerator, open the doors, and place towels at the bottom to catch any water that may drip or accumulate while it is thawing.

Remove Your Sheets From All Mattresses

This one is a very minor detail; however, your goal is to have your movers finish your move as quick as possible. Little things like removing sheets from mattresses is just a little thing that can be done to help your movers focus on moving, rather than stripping a bed. So prior to your movers arriving you will want to strip your sheets off the bed and fold them or set them aside out of the way. Then all your movers will need to do is move the mattress and wrap it in a cover for protection.

Unplug Electronic Cords

Unplugging electronic cords is not something that takes a lot of time to do, however, all of these little tasks add up. So prior to your movers arriving you will want to unplug all electronic devices and either secure them to each device or pack the cords up into boxes. Prior to unplugging all cords make sure you take pictures of each device and how all of the cords are connected so you don’t have to try and figure it out later.

Label Your Boxes

All of us that have gone through the moving process understand it can be extremely hectic. But if you plan properly it can be a breeze. Part of that planning includes labeling your boxes and items so you better organize your move during transportation and during the unpacking process.

There are a few ways to do this, however, to the most simplistic way is to color code each rooms content. So, while you are packing figure out which color will be assigned to each room. For example, place a green sticker on all boxes and furniture for the mast bedroom. Then when you arrive at your new home place a green sticker on the door of the new master bedroom so your movers know where to place all items with a green sticker. This method saves time, it organizes your move and helps you significantly when unpacking.

Break Down Furniture -Tables and Shelving

If possible, try and break down shelving, tables and any furniture that can be broken down. If you are deciding whether or not to break down an item, think if the item in its current state is easily manageable to move by your Royal Moving and Storage movers. If you are still unsure as to breaking down your furniture you may want to call your movers to ask them if it is necessary or will they take care of it for you.

Removing Items From Walls

It is very easy to overlook pictures and shelving on our walls when we are in the chaos of moving. The best and most efficient way to tackle this task is to remove all breakable items off the walls first: items like antiques, picture frames, and anything fragile. Pack these items carefully, label them as fragile so your movers understand to take extra care of these items. Also don’t forget to take all wall hangers, nails, screws, etc..and place them in a plastic bag so you can reuse them at your new home.

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