How to Pack a Kitchen Properly For Moving

When you are moving into a new house, packing a kitchen properly is a must, as there are so many sharp and delicate objects that need to be safely packed up. You simply can’t leave sharp knives, plates and cups lying around. Packing a kitchen also requires many packing items such as tape, blankets, towels etc. Find out how to pack a kitchen properly before moving out below.

Things you need for packing

  • Towels – towels can be used to pack appliances that can easily break
  • Colored markers – dark colored markers to label all the kitchen boxes so that you know what is kept in each box once you have moved
  • Bubble wrap – bubble wrap can be use to pack fragile items such as glass plates, cups and wine glasses.
  • Boxes – small and medium sized boxes to keep all the kitchen appliances in (ex: mixer, food processor, etc..)
  • Tape – used for taping up all the boxes
  • Paper or newspapers – to wrap all the kitchen items before putting them in the boxes

Steps for packing a kitchen

When you are packing up your kitchen, there are so many small things that need to be packed carefully. Here is a simple step to step process for packing your kitchen:

  1. Appliances – When packing a kitchen, there are so many appliances that need to be packed separately. You can use their original boxes and packaging if you still have them or you can use medium sized boxes instead. Make sure that all kitchen appliances are clean and dry before packing. If the appliances have lots of parts connected to each other, take them apart and then pack them separately. Wrap up all the fragile pieces in bubble wrap, and then surround them with newspapers as a double layer for safety. Once all wrapped up, put the heaviest pieces of the appliances in the box first, and then add the smaller pieces on top.
  2. Dinnerware – Layer the boxes with bubble wrap or packing paper on the bottom and then start wrapping each piece of dinnerware with the same packing paper and add them to the box. Add some bubble wrap or paper in between every 2 to 3 dishes so that they don’t clash against each other and break.
  3. Pans and Pots – The most important kitchen items are the pans and pots. You can either pack them in their original boxes that they came in, or find boxes that are big enough to pack them individually. Make sure you don’t add anything else in the boxes with the pots and pans as they are already heavy items and could break the box.
  4. Silverware – Wrap up your silverware in packing paper with a rubber band and put them in shoeboxes. Keep your silverware away from any other fragile items.
  5. Food – When packing a kitchen, this is a great time to get rid of old food items that nobody has been eating. Pack the foods that won’t expire soon or won’t go rotten during the moving process. You can pack the food in tote bags and freezer bags when shifting.

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