How to Move Your Pool Table the Right Way

Moving a pool table is one of the most strenuous chores that you may have to do as it consumes a lot of energy and effort. Moving pool tables requires a lot of muscle strength, so it is advised to get professional assistance when moving pool tables. They are quite wide and bulky, yet delicate. Even a minor damage could cause hundreds of dollars in repairs.  Moving the pool table around the house is still simpler (you can make use of dollies) than moving it to an entirely new location. To find out the right way to move a pool table, read this blog.

Moving the Pool Table to another Establishment

Pull the Table Apart

The right way to move the pool table to another location is to dismantle it. It is a foolish idea to move the pool table to another location in one piece. You must follow this method of pulling it apart even if you just want to move the pool table upstairs.

Before you begin disassembling, it  would be a great idea to label all nuts and bolts, for there could be a mix up, or worse – they could be lost.  And you really don’t want all that extra fuss that comes with finding the exact same hardware fasteners.

Get the Tools

You will need to get these tools:

  • Flathead screw driver
  • Staple remover
  • Socket wench
  • Power drill
  • Goggles for safety purposes

Follow the instructions for dismantling and read through the guide.
Remove the Staples

Begin with removing the staple. This is required so that you can unfasten the side pockets of the pool table. It is possible that the pockets for the pool ball are not stapled in but fastened with screws, so you may need to use the screwdrivers at this stage as well.
Handling the Bolts

If there are bolts present, then make sure that you make use of the socket wrench to hold the rails into position while you take off the bolts. Only then go on to remove each rail. Make sure there is somebody else to assist you with the task, especially if the rails are connected to the corners – for you will have to flip it over to remove them.
Take off the Felt

The most complicated part of dismantling the pool table is to take off the felt. Removing it ensures that it does not get damaged during the movement. Carefully remove the staples from the felt.
Removing the Slate

Make use of the power drill to take the screws away from the slate. You will require a lot of assistance when you are doing this. Pull the frame out and wrap it with caution. Take it to the truck and place it there. Now drape the legs and the rails as well and keep them on top of the main frame. If the slate gets damaged, the functionality of the pool table will be affected.

Reassembling the Pool Table

After you have taken all the parts to the new location for your pool table, you will the face the most challenging part – reassembly. The process will go as follows:

  1. Leveling of the slate according to the floor by using shims
  2. Waxing the seams
  3. Adding the felts followed by the rails.

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