How to Keep Your Sense of Humor When Moving

Has packing up your house and the whole moving process been stressful for you? Are you feeling frustrated and tired? Maintaining your sense of humor while moving homes, is extremely important to stay positive and relaxed. By focusing on the positive aspects of your move, you will also sleep better at night, knowing that this is going to turn out alright. Having a sense of humor in every stressful or difficult situation will always help you relax and look at things optimistically. Here’s a list of situations and how you can tackle them with your sense of humor:

When things go wrong

Instead of losing your temper or stressing out when something goes wrong, look at the situation in a positive manner. Look at the brighter side of things, what’s done is done and cannot be undone. If you feel like it’s the worst thing that could happen, nothing can get worse, right? If you’ve lost personal belongings during your moving process, you will move on from it and eventually get new things.

Take breaks in between

When you’re moving to a new house, it can be tiresome and exhausting. You need to take breaks in between and just relax. Watch movies, listen to music, tell jokes and read books with your family and friends. Keep your mood lively and positive, so that you have the energy and strength to continue your packing and moving process.

Reward yourself and your helpers

The moving process is always strenuous, which is why you need to reward yourself and whoever is helping you with some refreshing drinks and delicious snacks like pizza. When you are with friends and family who are helping you move, remember that they don’t want to be doing this, but they are there helping you out with the process nonetheless. So it’s best to stay in a good mood and crack some jokes and have a good time with them while they help you, to keep them entertained too.

Games and jokes

When you are moving and packing, it can take long hours during the day. So, never miss the chance to crack jokes and play little games with your friends and family to keep a good vibe going around the house. If one of your friends does something silly, make sure you tease them about it, take silly photos of each other, play games that revolve around your boxes, cartons, and your furniture.

Have a moving party

Before moving out of your current house, have a moving party so that all your friends and family can join you in this stressful period and just kick back and relax. If all your things are packed in boxes, you may need to get plastic cups and plates. Play games with everyone to make it a fun experience. This will be a mental and physical break for all of you who have been working hard in the packing process.

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