In Northeast FL there are several moving companies to choose from, however choosing the right one that is both professional and trustworthy can prove difficult. When starting the process, you want to look for several attributes like experience, affordability, reliability, competence, professionalism, and reputation to name a few. When you compare moving companies create a comparative analysis to help you weigh the pros and cons of each mover you contact.

Below we have listed 4 major steps to compare for each mover you contact.

Step 1: Compare Moving Quotes

All professional movers should provide you a written quote detailing an accurate cost estimate of your upcoming move. The contract should be straight forward, easy to read, and should not conceal fine print detailing additional fees that will be accrued during the move. The contract should highlight the mover’s services and responsibilities and the client’s responsibilities. Depending on the scale of the move, your mover may request an in-home visit to assess your home and its contents to provide you with a more accurate estimate. If your mover does not provide you a written contract, move on to the next moving company. When you compare moving rates, fight the temptation to choose the lowest bid. As many moving companies will hide hidden fees in their contracts that will far surpass the cost of the more reputable movers who are being transparent with their pricing.

Step 2: Compare Moving Services

When comparing quotes, you should focus on the additional services each moving company has listed in their moving estimates. The final price is important, however, how the price was generated is more important. Meaning if “mover A” provides a detailed list of all of the services that need to be performed with the cost, but “mover B” has a lower cost, with ½ the services listed. This can lead to an unfortunate surprise when you receive the final bill.

Every written estimate you receive should itemize the services that will be provided. Typically, the most common additional moving services include disassembly, packing, unpacking, reassembly, and storage.

Step 3: Compare Moving Company Reputations

All of us are consumers and tend to gravitate to the lowest cost. No one likes to pay more for anything, let alone a significant expense like moving. However, what may seem like a great deal can turn into a nightmare. We have heard countless stories of shady moving companies holding people’s contents hostage until the client pays a substantially higher rate than what was agreed upon. The good thing about the internet is that consumers can fight back. Online reviews are a powerful tool to help other consumers know who is reputable and who is not. A company that cares about their customers also cares about their online reputation. So, when reviewing customer reviews, a business may have a few negative reviews, this is normal, however, are they responding to the consumer trying to remedy the situation? Business owners that care, will always reach out to a client who may not have been satisfied with their services.

Also, look at a business’s longevity. Have they been in business for 2 years or 30 years? A company cannot survive 30 years in a local market if they have shady business practices.

All of the best moving companies understand the importance of a stellar reputation. They understand positive reviews brings referrals and more revenue.

Step 4: Compare A Mover’s Professionalism & Reliability

Thus far we have discussed moving costs, services, and reviews. All of which will provide you with valuable information to make an informed decision. Lastly, we recommend going one more step to validate they are licensed, insured, and are part of reputable organizations. This last step will help ensure you are choosing the right moving company.

  • Licensing information. Make sure you look up the legal status to the moving companies you are comparing. You can click here to lookup their active license number through the U.S. Department of Transportation.
  • BBB accreditation. A company that is part of the Better Business Bureau cares about their business, their customers, and their reputation. Acquiring an A+ rating is a feat that a business can be proud of.

Why Choose Royal Moving and Storage?

In this blog, we discussed many attributes of a moving company that a consumer should take into consideration prior to hiring. At Royal Moving and Storage we have been moving residents of Jacksonville for over 30 years. We have a stellar reputation and our goal with every customer is to provide transparency, quality service, and competitive rates. If you are in the process of shopping moving companies, call us today for a free estimate (904) 724-6683.

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