How To Choose the Right Moving Company

Before hiring a moving company in Jacksonville, it is best to go through some considerations to form the basis of a comparison with a few moving companies to ensure that you are hiring a company that is reliable, reputable and one that will ensure the safety and security of your belongings. Following are some considerations that will help you in deciding the moving company that is best for you in terms of safety, security and reliability:


A price comparison is essential so that you can discover the moving company whose price rates are a perfect fit in accordance with your budget and affordability. A company with skyrocketing prices is quite obviously overcharging you while a company charging too low is doubtful and most likely a scamming trap. A company charging average price rates is a safe option and probably one you should go for, especially if the charges of others are too high or too low.

Reviews, Testimonials, and Experience

Feedback in the form of customer reviews and testimonials matters a great deal. They display the level of satisfaction and the nature of the experience customers had with these companies when their services were hired. If there is limited information online, you can ask moving companies to provide you with customer references and testimonials themselves.

Also, if you know someone who has hired moving company services before, you can ask them about their experience and the company they hired. The experience level of a company is showcased in the number of successful moves they have accomplished and the number of years they’ve been in the moving business. If these two aspects are strong, you know the company is one you can rely on and one that will ensure the smooth success of your own move.


Service requires the manner adopted by companies when it comes to moving your belongings in terms of the nature and state of the belongings. It also refers to time they take to respond to your queries, their availability and the condition of the vehicles they use for transporting your belongings from your old home to your new location. If storage is required for moves at longer distance, you need to check the type of storage options they offer as well. A company that maintains good standards for such things will definitely be a good hiring choice.

Registration and Insurance

In terms of damage to your belongings, the liability of a moving company extends out to the insurance you have for your possessions. This is known as valuation and is declared either on the weight of your belongings into the amount paid for them, the item costs, or on the entire value payable for replacement and repairs. Make sure you know the type of insurance offered by moving companies as it will impact your recovery amount in the event of any damage.

Packing Supply

Some moving companies also offer the services of having your belongings packed for you. If this is the case, you should inquire the packing methods they adopt, especially for valuable and fragile items and also the furniture. Bubble wrapping fragile and delicate items will protect them from breakage and secure and sealed boxes are another essential.

Before hiring a moving company, it’s best to make a comparison on the basis of the considerations mentioned above so you know the company you are hiring is dependable and efficient at the same time.