Home Improvement Projects Prior To Moving In

Top 8 Projects To Complete Prior To Moving Into Your New Home

Like many of us, our home is a place we want customized to our likes, needs and wants. Many home buyers have a laundry list of items they would like changed with their new home. Some may be costly and may have to wait, others are cheap and can be done as soon as you close. Below are the top 10 home improvement items to accomplish prior to your move date.

#1 New Flooring

If you have purchased an older home it may have old carpet, tile or linoleum that you may want to replace. Depending on the type of flooring you get and whether or not you will be doing the installation on your own it can be a large expense. However, this is one area where you may want to bite the bullet. Installing new floors once all of your items have been moved into the home can be a nightmare. This is why it is best to install all new flooring prior to moving any of your belongings into the home.

#2 New Paint

New paint can really transform the look of a home. This project is also best when you have nothing in the home to worry about moving. Depending on whether you will be doing the painting yourself, you may want to schedule it around the same time the flooring is being removed this way you don’t have to worry about any drop cloths to cover the floor. You can just paint and not worry about the mess. If you will be hiring a painting company, this will actually help decrease your cost since most painting companies labor is around 80% of their total fee. If they have nothing to move, or very little to cover you can decrease that overall bill significantly. Another bonus of finishing all of the painting prior to moving your items into your new home is that you won’t have to smell paint fumes.

#3 Popcorn Ceilings

The dreaded popcorn ceiling. Most of the older homes prior to the 1990’s had popcorn ceilings. Though this was the style back several decades ago it is now taboo. If your new home has popcorn ceilings, you will want to get your ceiling scraped prior to your move date. Just like painting contractors, a professional handyman charges based on labor and time. If you don’t have anything to move and very little to cover this can decrease your overall expense.

#4 Built In Closet Shelving

Starting off with a clean slate can help you visualize how you want your closet organized. Figure out what you want, how you want it organized and have it built prior to your move. Also this saves you on packing and unpacking several times.

#5 Exterior locks

When moving into a new home it is always smart to have new locks installed in all of your doors. You never know who has a copy of the old key(s). It is better to be safe. Call a local locksmith and have them install new locks for you.

#6 Smoke Alarm Batteries

Whether you have a family or live alone always check the smoke alarms for your safety. Moving into a new home you don’t know when the batteries were last replaced or whether or not the smoke detectors even work. Test all of the smoke detectors and to play it safe replace all of the batteries.

#7 AC Filters

Keeping your air conditioner working efficiently is extremely important. Check the current filter in your AC unit and see if it needs replacing. A dirty air filter can increase your electric bill significantly and can also cause your air conditioner to work harder or even worse break down.

#8 Childproofing

If you have young children you have to child proof your home. Prior to moving in is the time to get your home secure so your little one(s) can’t get into mischief or even worse hurt themselves. Securing outlet covers, putting gates up for stairs, latching kitchen cabinets, installing edge and corner protectors should be installed and checked.

Moving is stressful and can be overwhelming. However, if you organize your move and plan what you want to accomplish with your new home prior to your move date, it will help your move go much smoother.

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