Are you planning to move soon? Looking for the right long distance movers? Moving is always difficult and can be a personal and financial burden, so making sure that you hire the right long distance movers. But the question is, how do you know who is the right one for you? Let’s find out.

Do Your Research

Asking friends and family for advice can also help, but every person’s moving experience is different and unique. Thus, research is what will help you the most in this time of need.

Research as much as you can, about which Jacksonville mover will be suitable for you. You simply need to find a few moving company websites, compare them with other companies and look at their reviews and complaints.

Shortlist the ones you think are the right long distance movers for you. After that, you should consider the company’s moving quote, which means you need to see what the costs of your move will be. Contact them and ask them for more information on their moving costs if needed. You also need to ask them about their availability and tell them when you need to move out by and see if their schedule matches yours.

Reliability of the Movers

After you have found a few of the right long distance movers, you need to know if you can trust them. They might meet your practical requirements, but you need to rely on the movers who will be taking care of and moving your belongings to the new location. It is their responsibility to get everything to your destination in its ideal condition.

For this, set up meetings with their representative and make sure you feel comfortable with them before making any agreements. Some things take into consideration are:

  • Determine whether the movers are interactive and personal
  • Be aware of prices
  • Know what and how much will they be able to transport
  • Ask about transportation of valuables

Insurance and Licensing

You need to make sure that the moving company you hire is fully insured and licensed. Many people make the mistake of hiring a company without determining these policies and find out much later that the company will not cover any damaged, lost or destroyed belongings. If the company cannot provide any proof of insurance and license, DO NOT HIRE THEM!


You need to find out how experienced the moving company is before hiring them. The more experience they have, the better the reviews will be. Long distance moving requires a number of concerns that local moving does not. So long distance moving is also a risk and that is why the right long distance mover needs to be highly qualified and experienced in this business.

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