Moving to a new place is as tiring a process as it is exciting. While you daydream about what you will do when you will finally settle down in your new home, make sure that you don’t hurt your back during the packing process. It is a common mistake that many people make which leaves them groaning in agony and spoils all the fun and excitement of moving to a new place.

Packing up all of your belongings and moving is hard enough; make sure that you don’t add to the work or stress, by straining your back or damaging a shoulder muscle. When lifting you want to make sure you maintain good posture and lift with your legs. You will also want to be efficient and find ways where you can use a dolly or rolling chairs that you can stack boxes on and roll them to their destination. Below are a few tips on how to enjoy a healthy home moving experience.

The Right Posture for Packing and Moving Boxes

Packing up all the things in strong boxes is important to avoid any disasters at the last moment. You need to have the right posture while working and be organized, or you will tire out completely, even before half the work is done.

Make sure that you have sorted out all the things in advance and that all the unnecessary items have either been sold or given away to charity. It is important that you pack items in one room at a time. Going from one room to the other, trying to pack multiple boxes at a time will not only be stressful but also increases the risk of tripping and falling.

Adopt a smart approach. Prepare a box and then sit down and pack your items one at a time. Make sure that you don’t have to bend or reach too much, to pick up different things or to arrange items in the box as it will give you a sore back.

If you feel comfortable standing for long hours; then make sure you place the box in an elevated position for easy accessibility. And if you want to sit on the floor and pack up things in the box, then keep all items to be packed within easy reach. This way you won’t have to stretch or get up and get the items you’re after every few minutes. Put less strain on the muscles of your back, and remember to take a few minutes to relax your muscles and exercise, to remove the stiffness in your limbs.

Prevent Back and Shoulder Sprains

One very important factor which results in muscle pain and back sprains is the adoption of incorrect posture, while picking up a heavy box. It is essential to note that you shouldn’t lift heavy boxes by lifting with your back. It can cause serious injury to your muscles or even the discs in your vertebrae. Always lift with your legs as that is your largest and strongest muscle group. If you are lifting heavy furniture or boxes you should lift in pairs, and when you can use equipment (dolly or push cart) to help limit the weight.  It is ideal to get help while lifting boxes, or leave it to a professional mover in Jacksonville, FL to handle moving your boxes and furniture

Make sure that your packing and moving spree doesn’t leave you in agony with an injured neck, back or shoulder. Take care and always adopt a healthy posture while packing in an organized way to move to your things efficiently and without injury. If you want to avoid lifting, call the professionals at Royal Moving and Storage. We can help take the pain out of your next move. Call us today for a free quote (904) 724-6683.

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