Every year more people are deciding to downsize their homes for smaller ones. Larger homes cost more money, they are harder to maintain and they tend to act as a storage unit for all of your stuff. It can be a great idea to downsize however it is much easier said than done to actually make the transition. With the amount of stuff your typically accrue over the years of living in your home, it can be hard to transition all those items into a smaller home. So in order to take those steps there are a few things you will need to do.

Change Your Mindset

Not everyone wants to downsize. If downsizing was not your choice then it can be a difficult process. Try and focus on the benefits of moving to a smaller home (easier maintenance, less money for utilities, cozier spaces). If you new homes location is near a city park or close to the river, ocean or lake this can give you an opportunity to get closer with nature. If you are having to get rid of your items, try donating them as you will be doing good for someone else. Its not an easy process but try and find the silver lining where you can.

Make A Decision On What To Get Rid Of

Prioritize your possessions from most important to least important. Think about those items that are either replaceable or are no longer needed. If you have been without an item for years and just stumbled across it when packing that is probably a good indicator you can get rid of it. Getting rid of belongings, you no longer have a use for will also help you move on a budget. Less items your movers have to pack in their truck, the less money they will charge you to move.

Get Rid Of The ‘What If…” Items

Living is a larger home it is easy to accumulate a lot of items. This is due to having a lot more storage in the home. Rather than get rid of belongings, you tend to store them in the event you need them in the future. When you transition to a smaller home, your mindset changes to “use it or lose it”. In the vent you need something you can go out and buy it, versus hoarding it in the in-case chance you will need it. Another easy way to get rid of items is by removing duplicates. You may have multiple sets of dishes, cups, silverware, etc….these are no longer needed in a smaller home.

Create New Habits

A smaller home can help you get better organized, as you no longer have the luxury of an abundance of space. With smaller spaces, you will need to work on better habits to keep you organized. For example, if you purchase something, then you get rid of something in your home to replace it with. Whether you are downsizing by choice or need doesn’t mean you have to compromise on everything. There are times when it just makes sense to purge items you no longer need.

Jacksonville Moving Company

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