Don't Be A Victim Of Moving Scams

Technology has made commerce easy. It has also made the ability to be scammed by less than reputable companies even easier. So how do you know who is a reputable mover versus who is a scam? We are going to review several things to help you in your quest to hire the right moving company in Jacksonville.

7 Steps You Can Take To Not Be A Victim

  1. Spot Fraudsters: Typically we tell our customers to use their gut instincts. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Most scam artists use price point to lure their victims in. If the price is significantly lower than other estimates be wary.
  2. Do Your Research: Reputable companies will always have the following: several years in business, quality reviews and a good number of them, they will be members of BBB, Chamber of Commerce, they will display and will provide you with their IM & DOT numbers, and they will have a good reputation in the local market.
  3. Never Pay Upfront: An honest moving company will never have you pay the entire moving fee prior to the moving date. Typically a small down payment maybe requested to hold the date; however they will never require full payment prior to your move. If a company requests this full payment upfront hire someone else.
  4. Method of Payment: All reputable companies take credit cards. If a company requires you to wire the money, use western union, pay cash or check upfront never do it. Credit cards have safe guards that can protect you in the event you have been scammed. Cash, check or wire does not. It then becomes your word against theirs.
  5. Talk To Family or Friends: Family and friends will always try and steer you in the right direction. Ask those close to you which movers they have used and who they recommend. They will give you their honest opinions, and if they had a negative experience you will surely hear about it.
  6. Get Everything In Writing: Never agree to a moving contract without ever seeing it. When you agree to a price a reputable mover will always provide you a writing contract with an itemization of their fees. If they cannot provide you with a contract or the contract is blank move on to another company.
  7. Read the Fine Print: Always read the fine print. Some companies will provide you with a moving price that seems lower than other companies. The problem however is that they have hidden fees in the fine print. They will tack on additional fees for tasks performed that are standard with most reputable movers, which will take their so called moving quote 50-75% higher than their original quote. Unfortunately when you find out about the additional fees it is too late.

Prior to hiring a moving company you always should do your homework. It can mean the difference between a good experience and a very negative experience. It can also be a very costly mistake financially by choosing the wrong moving company. Always get multiple quotes prior to hiring a company.

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