Why Are Confirmation Calls Important?

If you are in the process of booking a Jacksonville mover, you need to do your homework and ask questions to qualify the right mover. Once you have made a decision and booked a mover you may be thinking, ok great, there is nothing else needed. You may be surprised to learn that is not exactly accurate. If you hire a professional moving company you should receive a confirmation call a few days prior to your move. This will make sure your mover understands what to expect and to make sure everyone is prepared and on the same page for your move.

The Moving Checklist

Like most of us an upcoming move can be extremely stressful. Especially the closer you get to your moving date. A confirmation call plays a critical role in both verifying the pertinent information of the upcoming move, as well as helping put the customer at ease. So, what are some of the common questions that are asked during a confirmation call?

  1. What is the moving from and moving to addresses? They may want to know cross streets.
  2. Who will be the main contact? The person that will be overseeing the move.
  3. Confirm all of the inventory that will be moved. You will want to list everything, including commonly forgotten items (rugs, lamps, garbage cans, cleaning supplies, etc…)
  4. Based on the inventory confirmation your mover will be able to let you know the crew size that will perform the move.
  5. They may also notify you of items they will not move like combustibles, firearms/bullets, perishable items, plants and pets. This way you have time to arrange to move these items yourself.
  6. Your mover should provide you with a time-slot and some expectations around what they may request from you like emptying all drawers from furniture.
  7. They may ask you about physical layout, to get a better understanding of any moving barriers, stairs, service elevator, neighborhood rules, where to park, guard gate, etc..
  8. They may ask you if they need to provide a copy of their Certificate of Insurance.
  9. They may need additional information from you like waivers of liability or credit card authorization forms prior to the move.
  10. They will also answer any and all questions you may have regarding your move.
  11. If you need any additional services like packing services, additional moving supplies, furniture disassembly, etc.. you will want to let them know during the call. These are typically add on services that could alter the rate of your move.

The goal of this confirmation is to help your moving company understand what to expect so they can be as efficient as possible. It will also help answer any questions you may have and hopefully relieve some stress knowing you have professional movers you can rely on.

Completing the Call

When your movers end the call you should have a good understanding of the process, what to expect, and what your responsibilities are. Your moving company will have the information they need to brief their staff on what to expect, as well as plan for your move. The more information that is shared between both parties the better it is for you and the smoother your move will be.

Royal Moving and Storage

At Royal Moving and Storage we provide Confirmation calls to everyone of our clients’. With over 30+ years of moving experience, we understand the importance of educating our customers of the process, what they need from us as well as setting proper expectations. If you are in the process of planning an upcoming move contact Royal Moving and Storage today for a free moving consultation (904) 724-6683. We specialize in residential, commercial and long-distance moves.

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