Commercial Moving Done The Right Way

Most of us have experienced moving to a new home or apartment, but few have had to deal with commercial moving. Similar to residential moving, commercial moving requires a well thought out plan, organization, and a professional moving company to make your move go smoothly and without a hitch.

Choose the Right Moving Company

The right moving company can make all of the difference in a business move going to plan versus one being a disaster. Prior to hiring a moving company, you will want to talk with several and do a comparison of their services, warranties, and cost. Based on your research you will want to pick commercial movers who are insured, licensed, properly trained, and have years of experience in commercial moves. At Royal Moving and Storage, we have over 30+ years of experience servicing both residential and commercial moves. We are one of the top moves in Jacksonville with a stellar reputation. There is no commercial move too large we cannot handle.

Implement a Moving Team

With any business that takes on a project typically you will implement a team to handle that project. Each team member will be in charge of a particular task. The same should hold true with a corporate move. Assemble a moving team that is responsible for all aspects of your upcoming move. This can include pricing out movers, acquiring moving supplies, organizing departmental moving phases, communicating tasks to employees, dates, etc…Make sure you assign a project lead that will be the coordinator between your staff and the movers. At Royal Moving and Storage, we will make sure our moving coordinator will work closely with your point person to make sure all parties are prepared and an open line of communication is there to address any and all questions and concerns throughout the entire moving process.

Offsite Storage

Depending on your business situation, offsite storage may be required. Most business moves we handle; we are moving a business from one office to another office. There is no need for offsite storage. However, there are instances when a business may be required to move based on their current lease expires, and the new office may be in the process of being renovated. When situations like this arise, you will need a secure facility that is climate controlled to keep your equipment, furniture, and files safe. At Royal Moving and Storage we have a solid concrete block facility with 24-hour surveillance that is temperature controlled to give you peace of mind until your new office is ready.

Plan Your New Office Layout

Prior to moving your items, you will want to plan your new office space. This may include arranging furniture, organizing office efficiency, and overall aesthetics. Prior to your move date, you will want to coordinate with your moving liaison and walk through the layout so they can take notes, provide logistical feedback, and potentially provide ideas to better organize your office. This can also include organizing with the property management to clear security (if gated office complex), find out where the moving truck will need to park, also which service elevators will need to be used.

As with most moves, there is always a lot to consider both logistically and with communication between the business and the moving company. At Royal Moving and Storage we will always try to streamline your move to help limit your stress and assist you in both pre-planning and moving day tasks.

Commercial Businesses We Assist:

  • General Business Offices
  • Medical Facilities
  • Legal Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Gyms
  • Technology Offices
  • Spas/Salons
  • Dealerships
  • And much, much more…

Why Choose Royal Moving and Storage for Your Next Commercial Move?

Royal Moving and Storage has been helping residential and commercial clients’ move throughout Northeast Florida for over 30 years. We have one of the highest ratings in the industry and have been voted as one of the top movers in Jacksonville for years. Our goal with every commercial move is to be helpful, efficient, and supportive with both you and your staff. We pride ourselves on our quality of service and the professional staff we employ to handle all aspects of your move. If you would like a free consultation or an in-office visit with one of our moving specialists please contact us today at (904) 724-6683.

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