Do you want to move from your old apartment or house and are aiming to find cheaper help and save costs on moving? Moving homes and buying a new house can cost a lot of money, and although you may have taken a loan to buy the house itself, you obviously will not have the resources to move lavishly if you’re broke. This is why you need to find alternatives that you can afford when you have no money to move with. Below are some moving tips that can help save you a lot of money so you can better budget your finances.

Ask friends and family to help

When you are completely broke, there is no way you can hire professional movers to pack for you and help you move, as they cost will be out of your budget. Using the people around you is the best option and also free of cost. Asking your friends and family to help you pack your house and move is the only option you have when you are broke. They may not be professionals, but it gets the job done.

Sell off unnecessary items

While moving, you will find many things that you don’t need or use anymore. Why not sell off these items and make some quick cash on the go? You can hold a yard sale or garage sale or sell things off on eBay or Craigslist.

Avoid hotels

When you are moving to a place that is long distance from where you were previously staying, avoid staying in hotels at stopovers as it costs way more money than the quick cash you just got from your yard sale. Save money by planning your route effectively. You may have friends that live in a city you are passing through; you can call for a quick nightcap. Or if you are driving a with someone, take turns driving this way you can get to your new quickly and without a hotel stop. Hotels can be your biggest expense when you are trying to save money.

Buying new stuff

Once you have shifted into your new house, you won’t have much money to spend on buying new and luxurious items. Even if you sell off all your old furniture, there is no guarantee that you will raise enough money to buy new furniture. Make sure to look around for the best deals on essential items that you need or use your old stuff. To buy affordable furniture, you can go on Craigslist and find items that are being sold for cheap. Local thrift stores will also have good quality and low priced items that you can buy. The beginning of spring and summer time is when people move houses the most, which means that you might be able to find some deals and people will be looking to get rid of their old furniture