Climate Controlled Storage vs Traditional Storage

Many of us at some point in our life are in need of a Jacksonville Storage Facility. Whether you need to store items in between a move, or you have too much stuff and are looking to de-clutter your home, they are an important necessity. However it is not as simple as just renting a unit and throwing your items in it. If you are storing your items there is a good chance you want to keep them for future use, as well as keep them in good condition, which is why you are paying a monthly fee versus just getting rid of them. When renting a storage unit you will need to think about which items are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and humidity.

Below is a small list of items you will want to store in a climate controlled storage facility:

1. Wood Furniture: wood is durable however humidity is typically not its friend. Living in Jacksonville we have extremely high humidity throughout the year, which can cause your wood furniture to crack, warp, or rot over time. It is important to keep wood furniture in a climate controlled facility for protection.

2. Appliances: mechanical and electrical components of appliances are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and moisture. Over time the components can rust or break, and mold has the potential to grow inside them.

3. Leather Furniture or Clothing: over time leather can fade or mildew with hot and cold temperature swings.

4. Collectibles: whether you collect stamps, baseball cards, fine art, wine, comics or coins, all are susceptible to damage. Traditional storage facility will always be prone to large temperature swings. This can cause paper collectibles to curl or hold moisture, wine will spoil since humidity is not held constant, coins can tarnish or oxidize. Always store collectibles in a climate and humidity controlled storage facility.

5. Business /Personal Documents/Photos: important business, personal documents or photos are vulnerable to moisture, fading and dissolving, photos can stick or blend together making traditional storage facilities a bad option.

If you are storing items you care about and don’t want them damaged, your safest and best option is always a Jacksonville climate controlled facility. At Royal Moving and Storage we offer an onsite, climate controlled and secure location to house your important items. Whether you need moving services, moving supplies, packing and unpacking services or climate controlled storage, we can help. Call us today (904) 724-6683.