4 Things To Make Your Jacksonville Beach Move Easier

After many long nights and weekends, your moving day has arrived. Now that your Jacksonville Beach Movers are hard at work moving your items to the truck, you may be tempted to watch them like a hawk. Making sure they don’t scratch anything, scuff up the walls, or ding up your floors. We understand it is a stressful experience and you may be wondering what you can do while your movers are working.

Like any stressful situation staying busy is the key to getting through it successfully. So how can you stay busy and help your movers both before and during your move? Below we have listed 4 things you can do to make your next move to make your move easier.

1. Pack and Label Your Boxes Prior To Your Move

Moving can be expensive so to save both time and money pack your belongings and label your boxes prior to your mover’s arrival. If you can, also disassemble your furniture, empty dresser drawers and organize your items to assist your movers in knowing where to place the items at their new destination. Your movers will appreciate the assistance, and you will appreciate the huge cost savings by properly preparing for your moving company.

If you do not want to pack your items Royal Moving and Storage can handle the packing, labeling, moving, and unpacking of your items with ease. Our professional moving crews are highly efficient, methodical, and experts in all aspects of moving.

2. Pack and Move Fragile or Valuable Items Yourself

At Royal Moving and Storage, we are always careful with every item we move, whether fragile or not. However, we understand fragile items, valuable jewelry, electronics, artwork, or heirlooms are always best to be moved by the homeowner. This way it keeps their mind at ease lowers everyone’s stress levels and your movers can focus on the heavy and bulky items that need to be moved.

In the event you want Royal Moving and Storage to handle delicate moves, our professional crew is experienced in handling fragile, and expensive items. We are licensed and insured to make sure we always protect our customers.

3. Offer Drinks and Snacks

Moving is hard work. Our crews are very experienced and understand how demanding moving can be. A simple gesture as providing our movers with a cold beverage or snacks is always appreciated, and it goes a long way in letting them know you appreciate the hard work that they are doing.

4. Let Your Movers Move!

We understand you want to watch and provide input as to what needs to be moved, or what our movers need to be careful with. But as a professional moving company that has moved thousands of residents for over 30+ years, we know what we are supposed to do, and how to do it carefully and efficiently. If you hired Royal Moving and Storage you already did your homework and know that we have one of the highest reputations in Northeast Florida. Let us do what we do best!

Why Choose Royal Moving and Storage

With over 30 years servicing Jacksonville Beach residents and businesses, Royal Moving and Storage is the go-to moving company at the beaches. Whether you live in Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, or Ponte Vedra Beach we can handle any size move from a 1-bedroom apartment to a multimillion-dollar estate. We have the resources, manpower, and expertise to make your next move a success. If you would like to speak with one of our moving coordinators for a free moving consultation or book your next move contact us today at (904) 724-6683.

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