Many of us can pack up and move our items on our own. There are some items however, that may need more care and should be moved by professionals. To assist you in filtering through the clutter we have listed the items that are the most difficult to move.

Items That Are Difficult To Move


One of the more common items we don’t take into consideration are plants. When we think of tricky items to move, plants are not on our radar. Basically, we are moving a container of dirt from one place to another. Outside of spilling some dirt we don’t think about the how the plant will do in a hot truck and/or a long drive.

The only way to protect your plants are to move them yourself. First you will want to move them from a ceramic pot to a plastic pot. This will make your plants lighter to mover. Give them a few weeks to settle, then you will want to move them in your own vehicle. Moving these items in your personal car will give you the ability to control the temperature and limit the shifting while driving.


Pianos can be extremely challenging to move. They are large, heavy and can be easily damaged. Piano’s are by far one of the most difficult items to move. Often times, people who are moving will keep the piano with the house, as they would rather give it away versus try and move it.  If you plan on taking your piano with you it is best to hire a professional moving company who specializes in piano moves. This is the simplest and safest way to move your piano. For those who try and tackle the task of moving a piano on your own, take it slow and steady. Be sure you have plenty of help, clear a path to the truck so there are no obstructions and communicate with those who are helping you so you don’t injure anyone.

Fish Tanks

If you have a fish tank, you understand how heavy they are. It is a task to move a fish tank, however it is not impossible if you plan properly. Similar to house plants your fish are extremely delicate, so you will want to follow certain protocols to ensure their survival.

Steps To Moving A Fish Tank:

  1. Empty the tank most of the way. If you have live plants or coral you will want to keep water covering them.
  2. Transfer your fish to smaller containers using the same water from their tank.
  3. Stabilize the fish during transport to limit injury or death due to too much movement during the move.
  4. Once you are at your new home, you will want to set up the tank immediately.
  5. Float the bags in the fish tank water so the fish can acclimate to the water temperature prior to putting them in the tank.
  6. Monitor them for a few hours to make sure they are acting normal after the move.


Artwork can be another item that is tedious to move. Whether it is a picture, sculpture, vase, etc…artwork can be expensive, fragile, as well as have sentimental value. So avoiding damage is always the goal. If you are moving a frame you will want to wrap it in bubble wrap, then add cardboard around it, and lastly put it into a box with packing peanuts. Multiple frames can be moved together making your life a little easier. If you are moving a sculpture or something that is extremely fragile, you will want to wrap it extremely heavy in bubble wrap, then place it in a secure box, with a bottom that is reinforced, then you will want to fill the box with packing peanuts, then secure the lid with tape. This will provide a double layer of protection. Lastly you will want to label the boxes so the movers know the contents of the boxes, also denote that the contents are fragile. This will assist your movers in taking precautionary measures when moving those boxes.

When moving we understand that it can be a daunting task. However, if you plan properly, do your research on items that are more difficult to move, and have the correct tools to complete the task you it will make your move much smoother. If you would rather let the professionals handle your upcoming move, you will want to make sure you do your homework and hire a reputable St Augustine moving company.

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