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Archive for June 2016

How to Pack a Kitchen Properly For Moving

When you are moving into a new house, packing a kitchen properly is a must, as there are so many sharp and delicate objects that need to be safely packed up. You simply can’t leave sharp knives, plates and cups lying around. Packing a kitchen also requires many packing items such as tape, blankets, towels…

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How to Keep Your Sense of Humor When Moving

Has packing up your house and the whole moving process been stressful for you? Are you feeling frustrated and tired? Maintaining your sense of humor while moving homes, is extremely important to stay positive and relaxed. By focusing on the positive aspects of your move, you will also sleep better at night, knowing that this…

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Packing Tips for Your Home or Office

Packing Tips that will save you time and frustration Packing and moving is never fun or easy. It requires a lot of time, effort and assistance. Moving your home office into a new room or a new house can be a tricky situation, as there are so many important files, books, papers, electronics and hardware…

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Tips to Childproof Your Move

Moving is strenuous. But try moving with little kids- stress takes on a whole new meaning when you do that. The safety and care of kids when you are making your big move is of utmost importance. Here is how you can childproof your move for your own peace of mind: Keeping Kids Occupied If you…

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